Why WordPress is the smart choice for legal firms

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Lawyers - please don't get stuck with the wrong platform for your website - it can leave you high and dry with no way of changing important content on your site for a very long time.

I've spoken with several legal firms just in the past couple of months who are pulling their hair out because they can't update a single thing on their website without having to return the agency who created their site in the first place.

Why? Because the agency advised them to use their own in-house proprietary custom built content management system instead of an 'open source' platform like WordPress.

This may seem like a good solution at the time (and let's face it, the agency seems to know what they are talking about and you just haven't got the headspace to get your brain around it) BUT these restrict your ability to access the website's backend and make changes and adjustments in the future.

So if you need to do things like update your team photos or profiles, rearrange blog posts or add a new page or section, you have absolutely no choice but to go back to the original agency who built the site for you.

There are so many obvious problems inherent in this - not least the one about them overcharging you for the smallest changes because they know you have no choice.

With WordPress the power is in your hands and you can do all of the above on your own. The bottom line is you truly own your own website.

So even if you aren't particularly tech-savvy there are endless devs and web designers you can go to who can easily change things on your behalf whenever you need it.

Build your site on the WordPress platform and your website is effectively future-proofed. If you go the other route it is very likely that at some point you will just have to cut your losses and start all over again.

One of my first jobs this year is in fact to replicate a beautifully designed site from 5 years ago (but this time in WordPress) so the client can actually do what they want with it, whenever they want.

We will help you get this right from the start.

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