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Websites for Lawyers

At Beautifully Legal™ we specialise in one thing. Giving you a website that is exactly right for your legal business and that will serve you for many years to come. Whether you are a law firm or a company serving the legal sector, we can help. We have packages for you if you are just starting out or for if you feel your online presence is a bit stale and you are ready for the next step.

Less stuffy, more polished - and carefully created to speak directly to your target audience in a fresh and inviting way designed to make them choose your firm every time.

As a boutique firm, keen to forge your own unique path in the legal sector, you are likely to appreciate the more tailored approach we offer. We value simplicity, plain language over 'legalese', and a little more creativity so you don't look exactly like everyone else in the legal space.

The really good news?  We make it easy.

The traditional 'big design agency' approach has always seemed overcomplicated to us, and involves you (the client) in too much back and forth that can see projects drag on for months.

We are a small, friendly team absolutely committed to getting you the results you want. Before we do anything we work with you to clarify your ideas and positioning before turning it in to a solid and sorted reality.

If you're running your own firm you already have your hands very full which is why we have a process that does all the heavy lifting, yet still delivers the results you want - guaranteed (and in 30 days).

We make sure that from the moment your visitors land on your site they feel perfectly at home with you. They know that they can trust you and that they are in good hands. No need to look elsewhere.

When we talk about sending the right message to your prospects we mean everything that goes into the making of a great website:

An Engaging Strapline • Sleek Branding and Logo • Beautiful Images • Intelligent Copy • Elegant Fonts •  Compelling Testimonials • Stylish Contact & Engagement Forms • Striking Colour Scheme

What our clients say:

Yvette is that rare find, a “full-service” web designer bringing high standards and dedicated professionalism to a project.  The driving force behind the company, Yvette successfully steered me through a long-term project fraught with challenges and constraints.

Dorothy Delahunt - Techtonica (Tech Law Firm)

Yvette recently produced a new website our niche legal headhunting business. I've had several previous websites but never happy with them. They did what they needed to do but really bland. After my first meeting with Yvette I knew she 'got me'. She totally nailed it. Her copywriting was brilliant and the quality of the finished product was exactly what I wanted. Yvette was at the end of the line or email at all times.

Liz Smith - Amelia Bond (Legal Headhunter)

Thomas Ian Eastwood - Redstone Search (Legal Recruitment)

Thanks so much for all your help warming up the copy for my new website. You somehow managed to extract my exact vision of the last 10+ years better than I could have ever done. Well done!

Ikhlas Ahmed - Founder, Willinherit

I had such a fear of working with web designers as you get so many that come along asking for the job and telling you how rubbish your site is but baffle you with so much 'techie talk' which is very off-putting but you and your team have been brilliant to work with!! 

Emma Pickford - Managing Partner

The overall vision for our project had greater depth than the other companies we approached. The project came in on time. The communication and updates were excellent. We were given as much or as little input as we needed and they filled the creative blank spaces. Having been up and running for a month, the level of enquiries has taken an obvious jump. Our site looks clean, fresh and modern. I really couldn't be happier. Thank you Yvette and team.

Marcus Beck - Founder

We understand your market and what it expects.  You cannot speak to your prospects and clients with a site from ten years ago with dated pastel colours, fuzzy logos, basic fonts and poorly chosen stock images. Not to mention boring copy, spelling mistakes and broken links.

We prefer fresh, exciting and aspirational, and build our sites using intelligence, judgement and very good taste.

We work with you to clarify your message and then communicate it in the most engaging way possible, using fantastic images and great copy. This creates an online home for you that will give your clients a feeling of trust and reassurance from their very first dealings with you.

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